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Leadership 360-degree Assessments

IDP uses the Leadership Circle Profile ™ tool that identifies and assesses the leader’s creative competencies and reactive tendencies. In assessing the organizational culture we use the Leadership Cultural Survey™.  These methods allow for a great starting point in developing leadership and creating a value-based organizational culture from a systems thinking approach.

In building a winning culture, organizations need to be able to assess its leaders throughout the company. Not so much to point out weaknesses but to reinforce the strengths of its leaders. At IDP, we conduct leadership and organizational assessments that are based on an “appreciative inquiry” focus, where we focus on strengths of individuals and groups. Social neuroscience proves that stakeholders respond best to positive emotional experiences. Traditional performance appraisals have approached leaders from a negative emotional experience–”here are your weakness.” Have we not all dreaded the company performance appraisal on more than one occasion in our career?

Building capacity for change by working with leadership to develop knowledge and skills is paramount to leading change effectively. Our goal is to create new awareness to positive transformation. We focus on the social neuroscience of change, helping you to understand the resistance and fear that is natural for stakeholder participating in the change process.

Research clearly shows transformation from a defensive culture to a constructive culture produces numerous positive business outcomes including: increased profits, increased employee engagement, greater customer satisfaction, business growth, reduced operating costs, increased employee retention, increased market share, and increased service quality.

*At IDP I offer a free initial consultation to dialogue on what may be the potential benefits and your need of a leadership and / or organizational culture assessment. 



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Leadership & Executive Coaching

Integral Dialogue Project focuses on conscious leadership, where individuals discover the leader within–seeing that real change starts with oneself. IDP’s purpose is to to co-create a better world by empowering individuals to continuously improve their ability to achieve the goals that are important to them. The techniques used in the confidential coaching are centred on generative dialogue that enables individuals to uncover and achieve goals, while also strengthening their self-awareness and focus.

According to the 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study, organizations that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median return on investment of seven times their initial investment. Individual clients reported a median return on investment of 3.44 times their investment.* From a personal perspective, professional coaching has also proved to enrich people’s lives. As individuals discover their authentic self they become happier, healthier, and begin to release their interpersonal greatness–reaching for their life goals.

The coaching sessions is designed and customized through collaboration with each individual. All sessions are confidential and follow the ethics guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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Leadership Nature Retreats

There is a deep recognition of the fundamental truth that the current consciousness of leaders is not adequate to solve the crisis it has created. Our goal is to build new leadership capacity that brings deeper confidence to leaders allowing for new lines of perspectives when approaching obstacles and challenges in their professional and personal life. Our program offers a deep connection to the integral world. This program will help you to “make that difference in the world!”

Our programs connect leaders to eco-regions to give better understanding to the importance of these dynamic systems that affect organizations, cities, and people. Our coherent approach using group dialogue, self-reflective & connection techniques, and solitude time in nature gives participants a deep level of conscious awareness.

Set in pristine wilderness free from every day distractions, the program combines group training in meditative techniques and time spent in solitude and contemplation.This unique experience helps participants find an open-hearted connection, rejuvenation, and clarity of purpose. With the support of group instruction and the powerful setting of the natural world, participants are guided to relax body and mind, cultivate presence and connect with nature.  Through this process, the leaders’ inner wisdom and creativity naturally blossom, providing deep insight and inner guidance.  This program will provide the tools and the context for this potential to unfold and ripple into one’s life and organization beyond the program immersion.


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The Integral Dialogue Project workshop, The Art of Presentation, inspires a message of bringing your ideas alive when you present. Many times great ideas fade away because the people presenting them don’t connect with their audience. If people are not engaged in what you are saying it is a waste of time and money for all involved–especially for you! By captivating your audience using the art of storytelling–you invite people to share in your idea and experience.

My goal is to co-create a better world by empowering people to lead with their ideas. I truly believe that we all possess interpersonal greatness and have the capacity for extraordinary transformation. New innovative practices can thrive through sharing our ideas when we truly connect and listen to one another, and entering into a generative dialogue. This action of idea sharing is what will create a coherent world now and into the future.

If you are looking for a fresh and engaging approach and want to get your winning ideas heard by your audience, The Art of Presentation: bringing your ideas to life workshop will allow your story to come alive.

No workshop is the same, as I like to collaborate with you, the client, to personalize an experience that will allow the most valuable learning for the participants involved. Please contact me for more information.


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Highly Effective Teams

How often have you been involved in a team where there exists dysfunctional relationships between members and not a lot gets done from a creative work sense? Sam hates Sarah quietly, Jack is always talking behind Liam’s back, Elle does not trust Roberto. We have all experienced this and know how toxic this is; both from a personal health (stress) level to the productivity of the group. It does not have to be this way.

Creating “team flow” through trust, respect, and commitment is our goal when working with your organization. Building and teaching respectful dialogue that creates an innovative and high performance team is at the core of our workshops. Western culture has taught us the patterned habit of viewing conflict as a “bad thing,” and something to avoid but if we do encounter it – you need to attack it head-on. So we often move into the “conflict” scenario with a closed mind, limiting collaborative team work.

Often in team settings, we tend to view conflict, confusion, and challenges from our own personal perspectives. IDP teaches teams how to enter into dialogue, where we share mental models and perspectives with each other. From this, we are able to shift from our rigid views and move towards an opening of new ideas and possibilities. This approach is powerful in our complex and rapidly changing world; to be able to shift quickly and respond to confusion and challenges and transform the team dialogue into innovative ideas and processes. Through this paradigm shift, we start to identify conflict and confusion in teams as an opening to new possibilities.

Full-day Workshop

  • Aligning individual / team values
  • Understanding the social neuroscience in team settings
  • Creating a foundation for team dialogue
  • Team trust exercise
  • Managing conflict – opening to new possibilities
  • Building and anchoring “highly effective learning teams” into the organizational culture


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