Co-Inspiring human potential

Co-inspiring human potential.

Make the invisible become visible. Unleash the true potential of your organizational leadership - to achieve desired futures and performance.



Integral Dialogue Project collaborates with leaders and organizations to enable the capacity and capability for leadership development needed for 21st century.




To take risk and lead with the heart, to adventure, to stretch – to always be learning and discovering.




To demonstrate love towards all relationships, to listen and appreciate differences in people.




To act with moral and ethical principles in our collaborative work.



To show respect in all our relationships and the systems we are connected to.



To always be learning and evolving from our experiences and relationships.



IDP offers Leadership methods and techniques that help people and organizations navigate the challenges of constant change. 


Leadership 360

IDP uses the Leadership Circle Profile ™ tool that identifies and assesses the leader’s creative competencies and reactive tendencies.


Leadership & Executive Coaching

A focus on conscious leadership, where individuals discover the leader within–seeing that real change starts with oneself.


Leadership Nature retreats

Connecting leaders to eco-regions to give better understanding to the importance of these dynamic systems that affect organizations, cities, and people.

Presentation Design and Delivery Workshops

These workshops inspire a message of bringing your ideas alive when you present.


highly effective team workshops

IDP teaches teams how to enter into dialogue, where we share mental models and perspectives with each other.



what clients are saying

Kent has an intuitive and insightful approach to coaching, guiding me toward my long-term goals and vision. He keeps me on task and on target, yet allowing for the natural vagaries and flexibilities that can arise. 

Quote Source / D.C.

what clients are saying

... As both participant and joint course-leader with Kent, I have particularly appreciated his ability to step into and out of the leadership role, in order to encourage and make room for what might emerge in the collective potential within a group. 

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Dr. Jane Riddiford -

Global Generation Founding Director, London, UK

what clients are saying

 I was impressed with Kent's ability to really listen and understand my values and what motivates me. He was then able to provide me with fresh and motivating perspectives and tangible actions that helped me aligned my career path with these values. I highly recommend Kent's services to anyone who wants to plan and then apply positive change to either their individual careers, or to their business.

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Dr. Gavin Arthur, VP-Research and Health Promotion Heart and Stroke Foundation, BC & Yukon