Leaders Change Lab Un-Conference


Luna Lodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, April 30-May 6, 2018

This is a unique opportunity to gather as a community, a diversity of minds, where we collectively cultivate capacity and capability to embrace the complexity of our world. Together we will contemplate challenges though asking a set of deep questions... and will engage in dialogue and reflexive practices guided by the holding environment of Nature. The overall purpose of the un-conference is to bring desirable futures for society into our everyday praxis that is tied to deliberation and action.


Discover Wonder, enchantment and awe...and an experience that will build new capacity and capability for leading in 21st-century. We live in a rapidly

changing world of complexity that is out pacing the leader’s mindset. It is often difficult to overcome our sense of despair living in our cacophony and seemly dystopian world. How do we move forward towards desired futures? Set in the beauty of the rainforest, surrounded in the biodiversity of Nature this experiential learning gathering aims to intimately connect leaders to the social-ecological system that humanity is integrally interconnected with.


  • experience a deeper inner connection to their authentic self

  • cultivate universal energy for everyday life

  • deepen listening practices for presenting

  • gain capacity for systems thinking

  • deepen relationships and interconnections

  • give action to desired futures

Set in pristine Nature and in a group dynamic, we explore emerging questions on local, regional, and global challenges: Where are we going?; Is this desirable?; What should be done?; and, exploring power dynamics of ‘Who gains and who loses’? This program builds resilience towards desired futures.


  • inner work of the leader

  • case-in-point study

  • deep inquiry as a collective to explore desired futures

  • bringing the theory to praxis––‘action for what’s next’!




Jennifer is Project Director of Regenerative Economy Lab, and President of Regenerative Earth a 501(c)3 non profit corporation. In 2015, she was nominated as an emerging global leader by the Academy for Systems Change and resides as a fellow of the organization. Jennifer has been managing a project in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica for the past 3 years, facilitating local communities and governments to develop and implement a regenerative rainforest economy in which the community, ecosystem, and economy all thrive.

Jennifer’s community resource mapping and facilitation techniques translate to diverse projects around the world, facilitating the rapid evolution of sustainable economic models. She also curates nature-based immersion retreat experiences for executives, investors, and leaders in their field.

Jennifer passionately brings forth an enhanced relationship and dialogue between humans and their environment – both internal and external. She is a fellow of the Next Generation Leaders Academy for Systemic Change, Project Director of Regenerative Economy Lab, President of Regenerative Earth a 501c3 non profit corporation, and facilitator of nature based awareness retreats. Through 16 years of dedicated training to actualize her vision of bringing humans into balance with nature, she’s studied and worked with indigenous elders from North and Central America, spent over 700 days in solitary retreats in nature, and apprenticed for 11 years with one of the grandfathers of the environmental movement, John P. Milton. Currently, she is being mentored by Native American spiritual elder La’ne Saan Moonwalker.

Since 2009, she has lead retreats globally, inspiring leaders in their fields and organizations to create sustainable change within themselves, their communities, and their businesses. She has also worked as a landscape designer, combining modern design practices with indigenous wisdom to create landscapes that are functional, aesthetically beautiful, and in balance with native ecosystems. Recognizing the complex systemic issues that are driving climate change, biodiversity loss, poverty, and disease, Jennifer has more recently dedicated her time to developing models and processes to bring our social and economic systems into balance with nature. In 2014, after working several years in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, Jennifer received a deep calling to protect this fragile rainforest ecosystem from deforestation, to enhance social and economic well-being, and to support the indigenous community. Her intention is for this to be a living example for other critical ecosystems globally.




Kent is a social scientist who’s research and practice focuses on enabling resilient leadership that embraces the rapidly changing complexity of our world. His doctoral research explored the lived experience of leaders through a Nature retreat experience. Guided by his values of courage, empathy, integrity, levity, respect, and wisdom, his mission is to co-inspire human potential to co-create desired futures.

Presently, Kent is an assistant professor at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University and runs his leadership consulting practice, Integral Dialogue Project. In his facilitation he brings a pedagogical approach where education is a practice of freedom––where participants are collaborators in a dialogic learning process. Kent has had a life-long connection and love of Nature.


Features sustainable housing, delicious organic meals––and available massages if desired. The beautiful Luna Lodge is a secluded eco-lodge located on the edge of Corcovado National Park. We offer several options to suite your accommodation needs at the beautiful Luna Lodge. Luxury tents, hacienda rooms, and bungalows (single and double occupancy rates for these options).

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